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rsi woes

I developed RSI about 8 years ago, working for my current employer - largely due to bad design of data storage and over clicking and movement of mouse.

I now have scar tissue inside my wrist, so it will always recur. I have retrained, and lucky for me that all mircosoft office products can be navigated by key strokes. Firefox is configurable, so you can create your own navigation. The result is that 80% of the time I don't need a navigation devise - 20% of the time I use a pointer. (I can't use a mouse at all).

Doing systems test for new system. There is no navigation other than by external device. (mouse, pointer, or similar). 4 hours of testing later, and I'm in serious pain. I left work 5 hours ago. I'm still in pain. I sent an email to the head of IS. I raised this issue at the beginning of the project to resolve our data issues, I raised it as a disability issue. I have also emailed HR with the question - can my employer legally impose a system on a person with a disability (which they got from working at that employer) - that is not friendly to that disability and thus making it impossible for that person to do their role effectively. I wait to see what they say. Or what IS say.

I suspect they will say nothing. In the test room when I complained, all the IS project implementation team suddenly had to stare at screens/out the window and act like they couldn't hear what I was saying.

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